Bio Aqua and Bio Ball are a combination of EM technology and worms extract. It has a combination of micro organisms that are usually found naturally in foods. It has 4 main content, phototropic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeast and worm extract. Micro organisms producing useful substances such as vitamins, organic acids, minerals and antioxidants when met with organic materials.


Bio Aqua
Bio Ball

Water Treatment:

  • Contains active Fermentation, to extract the worm proteins and microbial life

  • The primary function of improving the structure of the natural water

  • Convert the excess food and fish waste to the moss as a natural food convert the excess fish food and fish waste to the moss as a natural food of fish

  • Convert ammonia (NH4) to a smaller compound (NH2)

  • Increasing oxygen levels in water

  • Reduce odor in the water

  • Strengthen the fish of the disease antibodies

  • Reducing the mortality rate due to illness

  • Reduce the frequency of replacing the water (for livestock use pellets)

  • Improve overall water quality and fish

  • Reduce the use of pellet

  • Enhancement of the natural mineral water sources

  • Reducing reliance on other food fish

  • React with sunlight to produce more energy in the water

  • Achieving Organic status (since use of probiotics and food technology, 100% pure)

  • Fish do not smell fishy

  • Firm texture and quality of fish meat

  • Reduce excessive fat in fish

Soil Treatment:

  • Able to control insect and mold

  • Assist the formation of soil ecology

  • No smell/Kill Bad Odor

  • Improve aeration and root growth

  • Improve soil conditions due to the use of harsh chemicals or excessive environmental action

  • Increasing the number of good organisms

  • Eliminate the pest organism


  • It can reduce the odor in the pen area

  • Assist ventilation system

  • Enhance good microbes in the environment enclosure

  • Reduce bacterial infection and disease

  • Reduce the presence of flies

  • Able to resolve an issue with odor and air pollution

  • decompose the ammonia to a maximum

  • Improving the nutritional efficiency

  • Improving the digestion of livestock

  • Absorption of proteins in the pellet is very high

  • Accelerate the process of growth (Harvest)

  • Helps provide essential nutrients in foods

  • Improve the quality of poultry meat

  • The harvest of 20-25%

  • To help improve the health of livestock



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